Advanced ceramics across the energy sector, from production to storage, for both fossil fuels and renewable energies. The required properties are very diverse:

Mechanical strength, resistance to abrasion and wear

Electrical insulation

Barrier to radioactive radiation

Ionic and protonic conductivity.

Applications / Constraints

  • Tools and sensors for oil exploration and prospection
  • Bearings for coolant pumps at nuclear power plants, anti-radiation barriers, storage of high-level waste
  • Electrical bearings and insulators for wind and tidal turbines
  • Solid electrolytes for fuel cells
  • Membranes for  electrochemical reactors: electricity conversion and storage of liquid hydrogen, production of synthetic fuels
  • Insulators and electrical connectors for electricity transmission networks
  • Components for  solar concentrators
  • Ceramic cores for gas turbine blades
  • Spark plugs for domestic and industrial burners
  • Feedthrough for nuclear reactors
  • Neutron detectors
  • Offshore electrical connectors (resistance to high pressure, resistance to very high levels of power)
  • Connectors for nuclear submarines
  • Thermocouples on AG line (serious accident)
  • Medium voltage feedthroughs



Raw material
Finished product

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