The Association

Created in 1988, the Syndicat des Industriels de Céramiques Techniques (SICT) [Association of Advanced Ceramic Industries] represents and promotes the interests of French companies active in the field of advanced ceramics, and helps to promote their expertise.

With approximately 1,000 employees, our members, very active in Research & Development, produce and market advanced ceramic products to address complex problems when metal and organic materials have reached their limits. Experts in exporting, up to 70% of their sales are abroad. Growing rapidly, they aim to become European leaders in their fields of activity.

Experts in advanced materials, the members of the association offer a wide range of customised raw materials and products for high-tech applications in numerous fields, in niche markets and for state-of-the-art industries.

SICT works in collaboration with certain national bodies, such as the French Liaison Committee for Labour Industries (CLIMO), the French Ceramics Society (SFC), the French Federation of Roof Tiles and Bricks (FFTB) and the European Centre of Ceramics (PEC).

It is one of the branches of the Confederation of Ceramics Industries in France (CICF) and a member of EUTECER, the European Technical Ceramics Federation, which it chairs.