Aesthetically pleasing

Ceramics have properties that are particularly appreciated in the luxury goods and dental industries. Some of them can be polished, while others are translucent, but it is their hardness that makes them exceptional materials. 


Aesthetic ceramics are widely used in the luxury goods and dental industries. The brilliance, shine, depth of colour and transparency are the main required characteristics. But what makes ceramic materials particularly appealing in the most demanding fields is their hardness. Indeed, these properties remain unchanged over time, even in the harshest operational conditions. It is possible to obtain a mirror polish with certain dense ceramics like zirconia, and translucent, almost transparent, ceramics with certain alumina or glass-ceramics.

Application markets

These materials are in high demand in the luxury goods and dental industries and they are most often found in the fields of watch-making, jewellery and luxury accessories, but also on decorations on packaging.

In the dental sector they are commonly used for making crowns or bridges as well as the manufacture of dental implants.

Numerous finishes can be applied to ceramics, such as polishing, microbead blasting, laser texturing, metallisation, or enamelling leaving room for the designer's imagination.

Raw material
Finished product

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